90,210 Individuals benefit from Emergency Food Assistance in four districts of Al-Jawf Gvernorate

National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) has completed the distribution of WFP food assistance for November 2017 in four districts of Al Jawf Governorate. Mr. Mohammed Al-Maweri ( FSL Program Manager) at NFDHR said that the distribution of the emergency food assistance in the four districts (Al-Maton, Al-Humaydat, Bartan Al-Anan and Al-Matammah) in Al-Jawf Governorate benefited to 11,612 households from internal displaced affected and the most vulnerable households. The total number of individuals 90,210, including 17,562 men, 15,671 women, 28,560 boys and 28,417 girls.
It is noteworthy that the emergency food assistance project implemented by the NFDHR in Al-Jawf and Amran Governorates aims to distribute food assistance monthly to 17,822 households.