Providing health services to 21915 people within 3 months

Health and Nutrition program manager – Dr. Abdulwhab Zainah -  clarify that the 12 medical teams are committed and working to provide a high quality medical services in the field of essential and life-saving services base on the minimum service package approved by health cluster; support reproductive health services including emergency obstetrics, new born and sexual or gender-based violence care; support routine and outreach immunization, integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI).
Furthermore, Zainah mentioned that the total number of those who received health services in those facilities during the months of September - November 2017 were 4608 men, 4667 women, 4938 boys and 7702 girls. Also, NFDHR had provided furniture and medical equipment to those facilities, which were mostly closed, and then opened in coordination with the Health and Population Offices in the governorates, and provided them with medicines and medical supplies.