Completion of Oyoun Sardoud water project technical studies

The engineering teams from the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) have competed evaluating all the main lines of the Oyoun Sardoud water network. This project has been implemented by the NFDHR in the Ar Rujum district in Al-Mahwit Governorate.
Eng. Abdul Salam Al-Sumairi, NFDHR’s WASH Program Coordinator, clarified that the engineering teams had completed the examination and evaluation of the main network, which will transfer water to several villages in the district Ar-Rujum, for about 65 km. In addition, the engineering teams also completed the evaluation of the pump network, from the main assembly tank to all the pumping stations (10.5 km long), in order to start rehabilitating the Oyoun Sardoud water Project.
The WASH Program Coordinator also pointed out that NFDHR has also implemented a social study and has held extensive meetings with CLT insulation and village beneficiary from the Oyoun Sardoud water project to establish clear mechanisms for the sustainability of the water project involving the community.
He [LG1] praised the WASH Coordinator for the team’s efforts, which have been operating in mountainous areas with rugged terrain, and their keenness to complete all technical and social studies in record time.

 [LG1]Who? You need to say who praised NFDHR’s WASH team. We don’t know who you are talking about.