Cash-for-work Training course

The training session in the activity of cash for work within the activities of the integrated emergency interventions in the district of Ar-Rujum – Al-Mahweet Governorate concluded on Thursday 5 April 2018 in Sana'a.
The course aims to train and build the capacity of 15 cash-for-work workers to start the project helping affected communities to work, earn income and improve living conditions in the district.
 Over the five days, participants received theoretical lectures on how to deal in the field, rehabilitate households to work, and implement the mechanism of integrated interventions to the most affected communities.
Participants also learned many things including ways to deal with the problems and difficulties they might confront, the extent of positive interaction, and taking into account the environment of the communities.
The course was implemented by the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) and Mozn Foundation for Social Development in the activities of the Integrated Emergency Food, Water, Environmental Sanitation and Health Project for the affected communities