NFDHR launched a training program for 160 volunteers on community health promotion messages

On Sunday April 8, 2018, the National Development and Humanitarian Response Foundation (NFDHR) launched a training activity to train 160 volunteers in Al Baydaa and Al Mahwit governorates.
This training is a part of the Urgent Response to Health Needs in 8 Priority Districts throughout Al Bayda and Al Mahwit project, which targets 40 volunteers from the Ar Rujum and Al-Mahweet district and 120 volunteers from Rada, Mukayras, Ash Sharyah, Radman Al Awad, ,Al Bayda and As sawadiyah districts.
In Al-Mahweet Governorate, two training courses for 40 volunteers from Al-Mahweet and Ar Rujum districts began today and will last for five days.
Participants in this training course will receive lectures of community health promotion messages and will be introduced to the concept of voluntary work, communication skills besides the planning for the implementation of awareness sessions.
The training course includes lectures on safe maternity, pregnant care and reproductive health, the importance of immunization of pregnant women and children. Moreover, the participants will be introduced to the signs of risk during pregnancy, as well as ways to prevent infectious diseases such as cholera and diphtheria.
The training course for volunteers in Al-Bayda will be conducted within the next two weeks.