Funded by World Health Organization (WHO)

NFDHR furnished 16 health facilities in Al-Bayda and Al-Mahwit governorates

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) completed the delivery of furniture and medical supplies to 16 health facilities in Al-Bayda’a and Al-Mahwit Governorate.
Dr. Manal Sharian, coordinator of Emergency Response Project for Health Needs in the eight priority districts - implemented by NFDHR in  Al-Bayda and Al-Mahwit - explained that the Foundation provided 12 health facilities in Al-Bayda governorate (Radman Al Awad, Ash Sharyah, As Sawadiyah, Al-Bayda, Mukayras districts) and 4 health facilities in Al-Mahwit governorate (Al-Mahwit and Ar-Rujum districts) to support the continued operation of health facilities in these health facilities and provide health services to the population in the targeted areas. Furthermore, Sharian clarified that NFDHR will provide these health facilities in the two governorates with a sufficient quantities of medicines in the coming days, which is free of charge for patients.
Dr. Sharian explained that some of these facilities have been closed since the establishment of the facility, and they were reopened in coordination with the health and population offices in the governorates of Al-Bayda and Al-Mahwit. In addition, NFDHR is providing a monthly financial incentives for health workerws to insure the presence of the health workers and the provision of health services to community.