The Foundation is carrying out a campaign to clean the sewage network in     Al-Bayda city

he National foundation for development and humanitarian Response (NFDHR) inaugurated the Campaign On April 19, 2018, in Al-Bayda city in coordination with the local water and sanitation institution in Al-Bayda.
The campaign, which is carried out within the activities of The Integrated Response for IDPs and Most Vulnerable to Cholera Outbreak in Al Bayda Governorate    , which is implemented by the Foundation in the governorate of Al-Bayda, continues for 12 days and aims to clean up the sewage network from the sediments and residues in Al-Manahel and main network lines which clogged the network and took out the sewage to the streets and residential neighborhoods repetitively which led to the big rise of insects number , vectors of diseases and the spread of diseases among the population, especially cholera and other diseases of diarrhea.
The organization carried out a similar campaign to clean the sewage network in the city of Rada'a in the early of March. Earlier this month, a large-scale cleanup campaign was carried out in the city of Rada'a. A similar clean-up campaign is scheduled for next week in Al-Bayda city, funded by the United Nations Office for Coordination Humanitarian Affairs (Humanitarian Support Fund - Yemen).