The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) has completed the implementation of three water projects in Saada Governorate, funded by UNICEF

The Programs Manager, Eng. Khaled Othmani, said that the foundation has recently completed the implementation of all works for water projects of Noshour in Al Safraa District and two projects in Wadi Rubaee and Thu Hanish in Sahar District, and will provide more than 17900 beneficiaries in 47 villages in Al Safraa and Sahar Districts with clean drinking water.
  He pointed out that the components of the Noshour water project included the supply of two pumps, a generator of 84 KW and two modern solar pumping systems. In addition, a pumping and conveying network of 77 km was implemented to deliver clean and potable water to 25 villages in Al Safraa district and neighboring villages in Ketaf and Sahar districts .
  The project's components also include the construction of a 200-cubic-meter reinforced concrete tank and three pumping and guarding rooms, benefiting 10,961 beneficiaries.

Regarding Wadi Rubaee project in Al Safraa District, the project included the construction of a 100 m3 tower tank, the supply of a solar pumping system, provision of a 65 kw generator, and the construction of a room for pumping, storing and managing the project and it will benefit about 3000 beneficiaries in 12 villages in Sahar District.

  Engineer Othmani said that the third project implemented by the Foundation in the area of Thu Hunaish will benefit 3979 beneficiaries in 10 villages in Sahar District.

He pointed out that the components of the project included the supply of water pump and generator of 84 KW, and a solar energy system, in addition to the rehabilitation of a pumping network that is 875 meters and a distribution pipeline network that is 3200 meters.
The Programs Manager confirmed that the water projects implemented by the Foundation are development and sustainable projects that serve a large population and contribute to solving the water problem in those areas.
It is noteworthy that Noshour Water Project is the largest of its kind implemented in the province of Saada, and the solar pumping systems are the largest systems installed in the province.