The NFDHR implements two hygiene campaigns in Haidan and Saqeen Towns, Saada governorate

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) on Thursday (June 28th) launched a large-scale hygiene campaign in the district of Haidan in Saada Governorate, in coordination with the Public Labor Office in Saada Governorate.
Khalid Al-Laith, Director of the Foundation's Office in Saada Governorate, explained that the campaign is being carried out within the activities of WASH and C4D, which is being implemented by the Foundation in the Saqeen and Haidan districts, funded by Oxfam.

The three-day campaign aims to lift around 250 tons of rubbish and debris accumulated in the streets and neighborhoods of the town, and drive them to the dump and then burn and bury them, stressing the keenness of the foundation to strengthen the efforts of WASH and C4D including cleanliness campaigns to ensure the prevention of diseases in the areas in which the foundation works, so that it contributes to the elimination of the causes of diseases and epidemics in those areas.
The Director of the foundation in Saada governorate pointed out that the foundation continues, during these three days, in the implementation of this campaign in the residential neighborhoods and streets in the town of Saqeen.