Aims to establish and rehabilitate four water projects and renovate 20 health facilities.

Launching WASH and C4D Project

 The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) organized a workshop to introduce the Integrated Project of WASH and C4D that will be implemented by the Foundation in Talh Distric, Saada Governorate, funded by UNICEF.
  The workshop aims at familiarizing the project team of engineers and administrators of the main activities of the project, and start an executive plan for all stages.
The project aims to provide clean drinking water and health services to more than 50,000 people affected, the poor and the displaced in Saada Governorate.
The project consists of the rehabilitation of four water projects; the first is water project in Aal Areej, Al Talh Market; the second is rehabilitation of Khalaq Water in Al Talh Town; and the third is rehabilitation of Al Qahm Water Project in Al-Talh Town, in addition to the implementation of the second phase of the rehabilitation of Thu Hunaish Water Project in Sahar District.
  In the area of health, the Foundation will rehabilitate and renovate 20 health facilities in the districts of Saada, Sahar, Al-Safra, Majaz, Qetaf, Qatabir and Al-Buqa.