NFDHR adopts community-based initiatives serving community in Al- Dahar District - Ibb governorate.

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) has adopted an initiative to issue 200 women ID cards in the Al- Dahar District of the Ibb governorate. The Foundation aims to assist targeted women to obtain personal documents as part of the activities of the Community Building Project through the Sofara’a Al-Salam initiative funded by Saferworld.
NFDHR has been working on training community committees in Al- Dahar District to build their abilities and refine their skills in community work, conflict resolution, and criteria for writing and managing project proposals.
The committees were divided into four initiatives: 1) Sofra’a Al-Salam initiative, 2) Roaad Al-Salam initiative, 3)Baslam Nartagi initiative , and 4) Maan Nahw Al-Salam initiative.
The initiatives are going to carry out the following community activities: the Sofra’a Al-Salam will rehabilitate and renovate the Hajar Girls School; the Roaad Al-Salam initiative will carry out a large clean-up campaign in the Qahzah district; the Baslam Nartagi initiative will oversee the lighting of streets through solar energy in Qahzah district; and the Maan Nahw Al-Salam initiative will….