Director of Oxfam office in Amran and Saza visits the Foundation

The Director of Oxfam Office (OXFAM), Amran and Sa'ada, Mujeeb Al Jaradi, Paid a visit to the headquarters of the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response(NFDHR) in Sana'a on Monday July 23rd
He was introduced to the work of the Foundation and listened to a brief explanation by the Programs manager about the projects implemented by the Foundation and currently being implemented in several governorates.
The program manager praised the partnership between NFDHR and Oxfam. He also reviewed a number of projects funded by OXFAM and carried out by NFDHR in the governorates of Amran and Sa'ada in the realm of water,sanitation and hygiene.
Al-Jaradi was also introduced to the mechanism of the work of the Foundation's programs and areas of work, including food security and livelihoods program ,WASH,  health, and other programs.