Distribution of food aid to 20,443 families in Al-Jawf Governorate

NFDHR began the distribution of August cycle of food aid to the most in need and vulnerable families in Al-Jawf Governorate .
The Foundation targets 20543 families in 9 districts of Al-Jawf Governorate.
NFDHR is taking charge of distributing (WFP) food assistance through 38 distribution centers in the targeted districts.
According to the statistics of the Food Security and Livelihoods Program, 1500 families in Al-Hazm District benefit from the monthly food aid, in addition to 4000 families in Al-Maton District, 1300 families in Al-Ghayl District, 1597 families in Al-Humaydat District, 1017 families in Al-Khalq District, 4015 Families in Bart Al-Anan District , 1869 families in Az Zaher District , 3245 families in Khabb Wa Ash Sha'af District and 2,000 families in Al-Matammah District.