Success Stories

Abar Alhajar Health unit restore hope to the residents of Wadi La’a

Abar Al-Hajar is a remote area found within the Ar-Rujum district in Al-Mahwit Governorate. It is separated by Wadi La'a from Maswar district, Amran Governorate.   

Poverty is widespread among the population in these areas, and the only source of income is agriculture. However, the areas lack the simplest services in health, education, roads, etc.

In early 2018, the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) rehabilitated the health unit in the area of Abar Al Hajar to help them resume their work and provide health services to locals. NFDHR supplied the health unit with furniture and equipment, medicines on a continuous basis, and a monthly financial incentive for health workers during the emergency intervention project. Additionally, the Foundation provided solar- powered system, so the health unit can run on natural energy.

As soon as the health unit was up and running again, the number of ill patients seeking services began to come. At first, the health unit treated 10-14 cases per day, but once it became known that the health unit was working and offering treatment and medicines to patients free of charge, the number increased to between 40 and 45 cases a day.

The health unit serves a large population living in the area of Abar al-Hajar and the surrounding villages, which are located at the foot of the mountain in Ar-Rujum district. The health unit also serves the southern villages of Al- Tawila district and the villages located in the eastern parts of  Maswar District in Amran governorate.

"We receive dozens of cases every day, the most being of malaria and diarrhea," said the manager of the health unit in Abar Al-Haja, Yousef Al-Azki . "The people of the area know that we live next to the health unit, so they transfer their patients to us not only during working hours, but also in the evening, after midnight, and on official holidays," he added.

Stressing that the transfer of any patient to the nearest health facility in Ar-Rujum district costs an enormous amount money (up to 40,000 Riyals), most people prefer to go to Abar Al-Hajar health unit to seek health services and only critical cases are referred to Ar-Rujum Rural Hospital .

Between March and September 2018, Abar Al-Hajar health unit provided services to 4,243 people, including 606 men, 1,348 women, 1,195 boys and 1,054 girls, while the midwife oversaw 12 women give birth inside and outside the health unit.

Great services and great efforts were provided by the Health Unit in the area of Abar Al-Hajar, which contributed significantly to the treatment of acute diarrhea and malaria. In addition, the health unit provided primary health care services to patients around the clock, including but not limited to reproductive health services, pregnant care, immunization of children, all of which contributed to alleviate the suffering of the population.