Success Stories

Abar Alhajar Health unit restore hope to the residents of Wadi La’a

Most of the centers and health units, especially those located in remote areas and far from the city centers, have been suspended. For example, the Abar Al-Hajar health unit , which is located in the Ar-Rujum district, in Al-Mahweet Governorate was closed due to the war and lack of salaries for health workers.

The Abar Al-Hajar health unit is located in the Wadi La'a area, adjacent to Maswar and between Awam and Ar-Rujm. It provides primary health care services, child immunization and reproductive health, but getting to the Abar Al-Hajar health unit is not easy. It takes two hours to drive through a rough road and difficult terrain. Still, it is necessary for treating people located in and around these areas.

As such, the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) rehabilitated and provided medicines, medical supplies, solar panels, and operational costs for the Abar Al-Hajar health unit. NFDHR also supported the HWs with monthly incentives as a part of their Emergency Integrated Food, WASH and Health Interventions for the Affected Communities in Ar-Rujum District of Al Mahwit Governorate project. This project, which is funded by the YHF through OCHA, ensures the operation of the health system and access to the medical services that are provided free of charge .

The opening and operation of Abar Al-Hajar health unit  has had a direct positive impact. The population has been very pleased with this achievement and has witnessed an increasing demand from patients on a daily basis. From March 2018 to September 2018, the Abar Al-Hajar health unit has been able to provide health services to 12,250 people, including 3268 boys, 2792 girls, 2590 men and 3,600 women. Furthermore, the health services provided at Abar Al-Hajar have benefited citizens in the areas adjacent to Wadi La'a, who were facing great challenges to reach the nearest health facility in Ar-Rujm district, and to incur high costs for transporting their patients to it.