Success Stories

! Delight amid War dust

Terror, hunger, and poverty…three words summarize a terrifying story detailing the inhabitants' life of Qaniyah area in Mahilyah District, Marib governorate in late June after the warzone expanded in the region.
Once NFDHR teams began distributing food assistance of May cycle, the war drums were heard in the city, and the battles were at its utmost intense. No sound is heard in the region except the roaring of planes, explosions, and buzzing bullets, while the residents are starving, stranded in their homes, and can't leave to safe areas.
Those frustrating days coincided with the date of distributing the monthly food assistance to those impatiently awaiting beneficiaries, but the food distribution points were closed due to the necessity of the battles without completing the distribution process.
568 families in Qaniyah and the surrounding areas depend on the food assistance they receive monthly from the World Food Program, and they also lack health, clean water, and sanitation services.
NFDHR received different appeals to help the population and rescue the targeted and affected families in Qaniyah from hunger, which was the spark for NFDHR to begin studying the options available for delivering food assistance to the targeted families to their homes and had worked on coordinating the local authorities and regional leaders and concerned persons to facilitate the transportation of food assistance to the beneficiaries through vans and trucks.
Food assistance trucks hovered the streets and neighborhoods of Qaniyah and arrived with distribution committees and delegates from the region’s leaders to the homes of the beneficiaries, and they all got their full monthly food rations without any decrease.
The joy was mingled with tears and the distribution teams were welcomed with a great ovation. They did not expect one of their repeated appeals for relief and rescue from hunger to be heard.
NFDHR and its field teams embodied the values and true meaning of humanitarian action by the entry to the area which was real jeopardy per se, but the noble goal of saving the population and delivering food to them and their children overshadowed the instincts of fear in the field’s teams.