Success Stories

Sparkle of Hope Despite the Floods

 Exceptionally heavy monsoon rains caused severe damages to the homes and property of citizens and displaced families in Hajjah city during the past few months. Water leaking from the ceilings of the old low-economy houses, especially those built of brick and mud, posed a real threat to the lives of the families.
108 displaced families living in Hajjah city and its suburbs have suffered from those unprecedented rains.

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR), in coordination with the local authorities and the Shelter Cluster and with the support of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), the International Migration Organization (IOM) and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), provided immediate assistance to 108 families with Emergency Shelter Kit and installation accessories.

Standing in front of his partially collapsed house due to waterlogging, Hajj Hammoud Hussein Al-Sawdi said: " Overnight, my house lost its because of the heavy rains, and my family became homeless." He added, "My family suffered greatly, especially when part of the house fell down at night. We were forced to sleep in the neighbors' house."

Hajj Al-Sawdi lives in Al-Salam neighborhood in Hajjah city and supports a large family of 15 members, 7 males and 8 females. As assistance, he received a shelter kit, and soon started installing it and covering the roof of his collapsed house. Hajj Al-Sawdi and his family are looking forward for further assistance to help repair the ­collapsed roof.

Similarly, another citizen benefited from the assistance provided, Muhammad Ali Muhammad Mughir, 41, had a painful experience with the rains. He worked hard with his family of 10 to prevent the collapse of their roof. Mr. Moghair explains: “When the rains began to seep from the roof into the rooms, we tried placing buckets, kitchen utensils and plastic utensils in the places where drops of water fell, but with the heavy rains the water leakage increased. These pots were filled, and the water level inside the rooms rose and the walls and ceiling cracked, which forced us to take the children and women out of the house, and then the roof collapsed.

Such painful stories experienced by the displaced and poor families in the city of Hajjah were targeted by the shelter aid which contributed to some extent to alleviate the suffering, and helped the return of those families to their homes. Yet many homes still need maintenance and rehabilitation, especially those totally damaged.