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Emergency Response to Food and Education Gaps for the Most Vulnerable IDPs and affected People in Marib city, Marib, and Al-Abr districts of Marib and Hadhramout governorates (Priority 2)

Funding: YHF

Implemented byNational Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR)
Funded by: Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF)
Target areas:
Ma'rib City and the Ma'rib al-Wadi district in the Ma'rib governorate.
Al-Abr District, Hadramout governorate.
Implementation periodJanuary 15, 2021 - January 14, 2022
Targeted by food activities2,284 families
Targeted by education activities6000 school boys and girls
Project Objective:
Improve access to food security and safe and inclusive learning spaces for the most vulnerable IDPs and host communities through emergency food assistance and education support interventions.
Project activities:
Food Security Activities:
Disbursing cash assistance (53,000YRs) to targeted families for a period of six months (six disbursement cycles).
Education Activities:
- Establishing 9 semi-permanent classrooms in 3 schools in Ma'rib.
- Rehabilitation and restoration of 8 toilets in 5 schools in Marib city.
- Distributing 6000 school bags with their supplies to the displaced students in the targeted schools.
- Supporting the targeted schools with 600 double school seats, 60 boards, markers and erasers.
Criteria for targeting beneficiaries of emergency food aid:
- Households not targeted by any kind of cash or food aid from any party (on regular basis) .
- Households with (child-children) of less than 5 years of age who suffer from severe acute malnutrition or moderate acute malnutrition.
- Pregnant and / or breastfeeding women at risk.
- Households that do not have assets or means of income (reliable source of income).
- Households headed by individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses or are physically disabled.
- Households headed by physically challenged individuals with special needs.
- Households do not receive adequate help from other sources.
- Marginalized (Muhamasheen).