Success Stories

Hydan New Slaughterhouse Improve Environment

"Sanitation in the slaughterhouse was very poor … the view was really terrible ... there was nothing called hygiene in the place ... sheep and cows were slaughtered on dirt ground that turned into large swamp of blood with flies densely gathering all over the place."
This is how the director of NFDHR Office in Sa'ada governorate, Engineer Khaled Al-Leith, describes the situation of the central slaughterhouse in Hydan, Sa'ada, before NFDHR intervened to rehabilitate it.
The slaughterhouse consisted of small shops belonging to butchers who used to slaughter sheep on their own way ... the water and sewage network was out of order in the area ... the blood shed from slaughtered animals, the waste covered the ground, and the bad smell all fostered the environment for flies to multiply, transmitting diseases and epidemics to the nearby residents.
National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) has taken the initiative to establish a new slaughterhouse and rehabilitate the sewage network, funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), taking into consideration the technical and hygienic standards of slaughterhouses.
The environment has greatly improved after the opening of the new slaughterhouse. Sheep and cows are now slaughtered in a healthy and systematic way after being examined by a veterinarian. Blood and remains are disposed in a safe manner. Afterwards, every butcher moves his carcass to his shop in the town to be sold it to citizens.
Eng. Al-Laith confirms that the new Hydan slaughterhouse generally receives 30-40 heads of sheep and 4-5 heads of cows to be daily slaughtered in exchange for a small fee allocated for cleaning, lighting, supplying water to the slaughterhouse and to cover other operating expenses.
Residents, of Hydan in general and around the slaughterhouse in particular, are extremely satisfied by the construction of the new slaughterhouse. The beneficiaries, about 10,812, have seen fast and positive effects of the new slaughterhouse. The environment, even sanitation and hygiene in the market of Hydan, has improved leading to noticeable improvement in the quality of services provided in the area. The overall situation has become healthier, safer and cleaner.

*Hydan Slaughterhouse Before Intervention