Malnourished, Elderly and Displaced: Salamah Lost Her Shelter Only and Became Homeless

Salamah Ahmad is an elderly displaced woman in her seventies who lives alone in Shaab Al-Daly area in Al-Jarahi District, Al-Hodeida Governorate. Being malnourished, extremely skinny, shelterless, she truly represents the hardship and distress of displaced people.

The only shelter Salamah had was merely a primitive reed shelter to protect her against the weather. This old woman is weak and too skinny due to malnutrition. Sadly, she has nobody to look after her as she lives alone.

Adding to her suffering, the strong rains and torrents destroyed her humble shelter, swept her simple belongings, and left her no choice other than sleeping in the open! Salamah describes her life as being turned upside down prior to receiving assistance from NFDHR.

When the team of National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response team received a call from the local authorities to help the people affected by the rain, they hurried and carried out a field survey to identify the affected IDPs and determine their urgent needs in coordination with the Shelter Cluster and the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Thus, with the support of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, the International Migration Organization and the Danish Refugee Council; NFDHR provided 440 affected families with emergency bags containing shelter and non-food items, i.e. tents with their requirements, mattresses, blankets and kitchen tools.

Salamah was one of the targeted IDPs with this assistance. However, the shelter she was provided was not enough as she still needs shelter materials, health care, food and other services to guarantee her a decent life.