Will life finally smile at Neama?!

Merely war forced Neama and her family to leave their home and run for their lives after experiencing fear and disappointment. The destruction caused by war all around them, the gun-shooting and the bombing left them no other choice. They left their home, and they left everything behind them; their belongings, their money and their loved ones…putting one step into the dark, the unknown future, hoping to find a sparkle of hope that could guarantee a decent life for them.
With the intensified armed fight, turning Haradh in Hajjah governorate into a ghost town, Neama Khwamil left to settle in the Al-Daya’a area in Kuaidana district.
Neama already suffered several illnesses, including atrophy and psychological issues, and needs a monthly visit to the doctor, which doubles the burden of her poor family.
Neama describes the first days of displacement as dark and gloomy. There was no shelter for her, no food to feed the hungry children, and no hope looms on the horizon that her tomorrow will be better after being forced to leave her home.
Neama tried to adapt to the new situation by establishing a shelter from sticks of wood and reeds, hoping that it will protect her four children against the intense heat of the sun; it was the best option available. She began raising a few sheep and poultry to start a new life.
With difficulty, the family struggled to adapt to this new life year after year, until the summer of 2020. The pouring rains in the region doubled their suffering when it swept away their home and killed their animals, and the family were again in the open, ground is their bed, and sky is their blanket.
After floods swept through the region, NFDHR received a call from the local authorities to provide assistance to the affected people, so a rapid field survey was conducted to list the affected displaced people and to determine their urgent needs in coordination with the Shelter Cluster and the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

With the support of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, the International Migration Organization and the Danish Refugee Council, NFDHR targeted 963 affected families providing shelter and non-food items, included tents with their supplies, mattresses, blankets and kitchen tools.
Neama got a tent to live in, which NFDHR team installed and furnished directly.
The joy of the children in their new home was incomparable, although it was only a tent. The children raced to enter first, and each of them was keen to choose his sleeping place, his mattress and his blanket.