Al Hudayda Office

NFDHR launches "I miss my school" campaign to encourage children to return to their schools

NFDHR launch distributing goats in Al-Zuhra & Al-Qanawes districts in Al-Hodeida

NFDHR launches a new integrated project in WASH, Education and Ehelter in Al-Bayda and Marib

NFDHR launches new project in WASH, Education and Shelter in Hodeida

Induction workshop for project equal access to education for the IDPs children in Bait Al-Faqih 

Opening of 15 water projects and launch of 10 new projects in Al-Zuhra and Al-Qanawes, Al-Hodeida

NFDHR inaugurate Equal Access to Education Project in Bait Al-Faqih district, Al-Hodeidah Governorate

Supporting 531 HHs with Development Inputs in Al-Qanaws and Al-Zuhra Districts

Distribution of Food Assistance in Marib and Al-Hudayda

FSA Project Workshop in Al-Hodeida Governorate

Food Assistance Distribution Concludes in Al-Jarrahi District, Al-Hudaydah Governorate

“I Miss My School” Campaign Launch with Distribution of 10000 School Bags in Al-Garrahi District, Hudaydah