NFDHR launches "I miss my school" campaign to encourage children to return to their schools

NFDHR completed rehabilitation of 10 schools in Al-Bayda and Marib

NFDHR launch construction and rehabilitation of 259 classrooms

"I miss my school" campaign launch in Mahlia, Rahba, and Majzar districts in Ma'rib Governorate

Supporting 17 schools with 940 school seats in Al-Bayda and Marib governorates

NFDHR launch distributing goats in Al-Zuhra & Al-Qanawes districts in Al-Hodeida

Launch of campaign "I miss my school" & distribution of school bags to 6,843 school children in Al-Bayda

Training of 21 volunteers on the guide to community awareness and promotion of environmental sanitation

455 IDP families received shelter bags in Al-Sawadiyah District, Al-Baydha Governorate

NFDHR supports Al-Wahbi Hospital and 6 health facilities in Al-Sawadiya with modern medical equipment

NFDHR launches a new integrated project in WASH, Education and Ehelter in Al-Bayda and Marib

Introductory workshop for WASH , Health, Education, and Shelter Project in Marib