NFDHR continues the distribution of beehives, laying hens and goats in the districts of Al Zahra and Al Qanawes

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) has completed the distribution of laying hens, beehives and goats to the households targeted by the Food Security and Agriculture Project in Al Zuhra and Al Qanawes districts in Al-Hodeida Governorate.

The total of 86 families benefited from the distribution of laying hens, 10 hens per family, in addition to nest boxes, feeders, waterers and 100 kilograms of concentrated feed for poultry feeding, while 15 families got beehives at a rate of 5 hives per family with the requirements of bee care and honey extraction. 152 families preferred to support them with goats and 25 kg of concentrated feed.

For the third year in a row, NFDHR is implementing a food security and agricultural project in the districts of Al-Qanawes and Al-Zahra, with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and under the supervision of Vision Hope International.

It is planned that 527 families will benefit from the project in 5 villages in the two districts.
NFDHR had recently completed the re-implementation and rehabilitation of 5 water projects in the target villages and providing them with a solar energy pumping system.