Construction of Three Rainwater Harvesting Tanks and Water Barrier

Implemented by NFDHR and Funded by YHF, three large rainwater harvesting tanks are constructed in Haydan District, Saada Governorate.
The construction project included two tanks in Madhbaa and Al-Jarrah, each with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters, and a third tank in Al-Haila and Al-Wadi with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters; in addition to building a sand filter to purify water in each tank, as well as extending water supply pipe network from the tanks to 11 distribution points, including 8 in Haydan, and 3 in Al-Haila and Al-Wadi.
The two reservoirs of Madabaa and Al-Jarha will benefit 10,812 beneficiaries in Haydan, as well as Haidan Rural Hospital, while Al-Haila and Wadi reservoir will benefit about 1,500 beneficiaries.
It is worth mentioning that NFDHR recently completed the construction of a water barrier in the Al-Mashhad area, Haidan District.