Closure Workshop for Integrated Water and Shelter Interventions Project in Saada

NFDHR held end of project workshop for Emergency and Integrated Life-Saving Interventions in Water, Environmental Sanitation and Shelter implemented in the districts of Haidan and Ketaf Al-Buqaa, funded by YHF.
The workshop was attended by 30 participants from executive offices of relevant projects, branch of the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the governorate, local councils and community committees in Haydan and Ketaf Al-Buqa, partners and beneficiaries.
A workshop paper was presented by NFDHR branch Director in Saada, Eng. Khalid Al-Laith, on the tasks and responsibilities of implemented projects partners and the role of community committees and local councils in operating, maintaining, managing and sustaining these projects.
The activities of the project included establishing two rainwater harvesting tanks in Haydan, each with a storage capacity of 2,000 cubic meters, and a third tank in Al-Hela and Al-Wadi, with a storage capacity of 1,000 cubic meters (with sand filters, pipe networks and distribution points). The activities also included the construction of a water barrier in Al-Mashhad area with a storage capacity of 14000 cubic meters, in addition to the construction of Haidan slaughterhouse, conducting two cleaning campaigns in Haydan, and supporting 2,670 displaced families with non-food shelter bags. The project benefited 28956 beneficiaries (10812 in WASH sector and 18144 in Shelter sector)