Board of Water User Associations Electoral Meeting held within the Project of Enhancing Food Availability in Hadramout

NFDHR held the first meeting to elect the Administrative Board of Water User Associations in Mashta area, Tarim district, east of Hadramout. The election of the board falls within the project of Enhancing Food Availability through Increased Agricultural Production for Subsistence Farmers ; implemented by (FAO) in partnership with NFDHR and funded by the State of Kuwait.
The project targets 1,700 vulnerable and poor families from Eideed and Mashta areas, with the aim of enhancing food security for the targeted families through cash-for-work activities.
Three water user associations are scheduled to be elected in the Wadi Mashta and Eideed in Hadramout.
The associations will immediately commence work to develop water resources and protect them from depletion and pollution, in addition to developing the infrastructure for optimal storage of water, raising awareness, building the capacities of the local community, activating the role of women in society and enhancing their capabilities.
The meeting was attended by Sabri Ba-Rufid, Head of Associations at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office and Labor in Wadi and Sahara, Muhammad Ba-shuaib, Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Office in Tarim district, Warda Rabee, coordinator of NFDHR in Hadramout, Hadi Saheb, member of the local council, Sheikh of Mashta area, and members of the General Assembly.