Provision of 3-Month Health Care Services to more than 41,000 Child and Woman  

Health teams supported by NFDHR provided health services to more than 41,000 beneficiaries of children and women in the governorates of Al-Bayda and Marib during the first quarter of 2021. 
According to the statistics of the Health and Nutrition Program; 41,563 children under the age of five, as well as women, were provided with health care in the health facilities targeted by the emergency response project funded by UNICEF. 
Health teams have screened 19,305 children under the age of five for malnutrition. The result showed that 690 cases diagnosed with acute malnutrition and were completely treated during the same period. Similarly, 18,952 children under the age of five received integrated child health care services, in addition to vaccinating 1779 children against childhood diseases. Besides, 1,527 women accessed reproductive health services. 
In this project, NFDHR aims to support 58 health facilities in Al-Bayda governorate, and 11 health facilities in Marib governorate.