Supporting 531 HHs with Development Inputs in Al-Qanaws and Al-Zuhra Districts

National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) started distributing development inputs in the areas of agriculture production and food security to the beneficiaries of food security and agriculture project in the districts of Al-Zuhra and Al-Qanaws, in the partnership with Vision Hope International (VHI) and with the support of German Federal Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ).
NFDHR targets 531 families in five villages in the two districts, where 71 families in the district of Al-Zuhra received laying hens, 10 for each family, in addition to feed and housing; while 60 families in the same district preferred to be supported with goats (3 Goats and their fodder for each family), and 9 families received beehives (5 hives for each family with special requirements for bee care and honey extraction).
In Al-Qanaws district, 47 families received laying hens with feed and housing, 40 families received goats and fodder, and 6 families received beehives with beekeeping supplies.
In addition, 298 families will be supported with agricultural supplies, while 416 targeted families in the two areas will receive special filters for water purification.
NFDHR is currently rehabilitating 5 water wells in the targeted villages and providing them with solar energy pumping systems.