Induction workshop for project equal access to education for the IDPs children in Bait Al-Faqih 

NFDHR held induction workshop for Education Emergency Response project for equal access to education for displaced and host communities implemented in Bait Al-Faqih district, Al-Hodeida Governorate, funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).  

During the workshop, held with the participation of 30 local leaders, local authority, and education offices in Al-Hodeida Governorate and Bait Al-Faqih District, the project manager, AbdulKarim Al-Wazzan, reviewed the activities of the project and the stages of its implementation.  

Pominent activities of the project include establishing 13 classrooms, supporting 4,302 affected and vulnerable students with school bags, providing targeted schools with 900 double school seats and providing them with boards; in addition to rehabilitating and building 20 bathrooms in the targeted schools, conducting awareness sessions for students about the prevention of the Coronavirus, as well as establishing 5 Parents Councils to bridge the gaps between schools and society.  

The Project aims to enhance Equal Access to Education for 7,041 school-age children, most vulnerable and conflict-affected IDPs and Host Communities, in Bait Al Faqih District, Al Hodeida Governorate. 

#NFDHR held induction workshop for project “Education Emergency Response for Equal Access to Education for IDPs & Host Community in Bait Al-Faqih District”, Al-Hodeida, funded by @YHF_Yemen; aiming to enhance access of 7,041 vulnerable & conflict-affected school-age children.