SERIE- project to strengthen institutional and economic resilience in Yemen

NFDHR launches TOT for District Facilitatiing Teams in Ibb Governorate

A TOT course for Disctrict Facilitating Teams was inaugurated today in Ibb governorate in the field of "participatory development planning", implemented by United Nations Development Program through NFDHR, in coordination with the Ministry of Local Administration.


The course, which is an important activity of the project to strengthen institutional and economic resilience in Yemen - SERIE, is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program in coordination with the Ministry of Local Administration and the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen and in cooperation with NFDHR. 


The project aims to strengthen the capacity of local authority employees in the provision and supervision of services and develop their capabilities in the field of development planning in partnership with the local community and representatives of civil associations and institutions in the process of raising needs that reflect the reality and priorities of the community within a package of other various activities.


The project targets 9 governorates and 47 districts in the Republic of Yemen and will last for three years.

In the opening session of the session, the Governorate’s Undersecretary for Development Affairs, Yahya Al Qasimi, stressed the importance of involving the community in planning and strategic plans through preparation, supervision, control and implementation.


Director-General of the Planning Office in the governorate, Kamal Al-Harthi, gave an introductory overview of the project to strengthen institutional and economic resilience in Yemen "SERIY" and the stages of its implementation during the coming period, reviewing the project's objectives, tasks and duties of the implementing agencies and general managers of the districts.


For his part, NFDHR coordinator of “SERIE” project in Ibb governorate, Dr. Talal Al-Werafi, explained that the project aims to build the capacities of local authorities in the field of expenditure management, and to enhance their cooperation with local communities to identify development needs and priorities; noting that the course aims to exchange and beneift form accumulated experiences to achieve desired goals.

 Dr. Al-Warafi also highlighted the concepts of community participation, participatory planning, sustainable development and its social, economic, environmental and temporal dimensions.


It is worth mentioning that the training course lasts for five days, during which the participants get to know how to raise the real needs of the districts with clear plans that were co-created by the community, which included emphasizing most important priorities and interventions in different districts of each governorate, which ensures the eligibility of the selected projects for funding through community participation.


The inauguration was held in presence of directors-general of the districts of Al-Mashnah; Ali Al-Baadani, Al-Dhihaar Hamid Al-Mutawakil, Jabla; Muhammad Al-Muraisy, Operations Muhammad Al-Sharif, and NFDHR Ibb Branch director; Samah Al-Ansari