NFDHR completes rehabilitating 6 health facilities in Al-Sawadiya

National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) has completed the rehabilitation of 6 health facilities in Al-Sawadiya District, Al-Bayda Governorate, with support of Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).
The rehabilitation works targeted Al-Wahbi Rural Hospital, Al-Khanaq Health Center, Al-Sawadiya Center, Al-Qaqaa Center, Al-Zahra Unit, and Al-Abs Center.

NFDHR has recently started to support these facilities with operating expenses, medicines and a monthly financial incentive for the health workers, and is currently implementing the integrated life-saving response project in health, nutrition, water, environmental sanitation and shelter for people with urgent needs in hard-to-reach areas, front lines and underserved areas in Al-Sawadiya and Kushar districts; Al-Bayda and Hajjah governorates. The project includes the rehabilitation of three water projects and the carring out activities promoting the environmental sanitation situation and other activities to support the affected families with non-food shelter kits.