Emergency Health Services Project 2014/2015

Emergency Health Services Project 2014/2015 Emergency Response Fund
Project Activities: 1- Provision of emergency health services: - One Fixed Medical Team for 6 months to be located in Dhebain Rural Hospital and Shwaba Medical Center to provide primary health services and maternal services to the conflict affected people. 2- Rehabilitation of health facilities affected by the conflict: - Rehabilitation of Thula Rural Hospital including erecting of perimeter fence rehabilitation of waste incinerator, rehabilitation of roof and walls of sanitary facilities (5 toilets) with their water & sewage systems and the generator room, provide concrete plaster & paint, insulating layers, coatings, fixing of doors and roofing of stairs and some electric work. - Providing of Thula Rural Hospital with the needed equipment such as medical beds, suction machine, DC shock equipment, surgical shefts, dressing tools and supplies, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, X-Ray, ultrasound, lab equipment such as microscope, centrifuge, lab reagents, refrigerator, tubes, 2 chairs and tables for the emergency unit, curtains, stands for the I.V drips, six waiting chairs. - Rehabilitation of Hababah Health Center: the health center needs fixing the roofs and walls, painting, and plaster of three rooms, building the incinerator, provision of equipments including four medical beds, microscope, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, thermometer, glucometer and stripes, refrigerator, lab tubes and reagents, two tables and chairs, and 3 waiting chairs. 3- Capacity building of the health service providers: - Build the capacity of the 20 female health service providers in the targeted two districts (women doctors and midwives) on emergency obstetric care and referral system. - Improving case management skills of health-care staff by training 20 health service providers (10 men, and 10 women) of the targeted districts on Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)