Pink Ribbon Campaign – Yearly

Pink Ribbon Campaign – Yearly NFDHR
* Goal of the campaign: - Raise the awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Breast Cancer early detection campaigns (Pink Ribbon Campaigns): One of NFDHR’s commitments is to sustain the awareness raising activities for women of early detection of breast cancer, as well as to advocate improving the service provision of early detection of breast cancer in Yemen. The main outputs related are: - 30 medical researchers were trained on methodologies of breast cancer researches. - NFDHR participated in the regional research for the solution, which was coordinated with the Jordanian Breast Cancer Program and supported by Suzan G. Komen. The research provided a baseline data for the training needs’ of health service providers on early detection methods of breast cancer, and also the awareness needs of women. - Five awareness events have been implemented in different locations with more than one thousand participants – university students, female teachers, and underserved women. - NFDHR is in process of advocating for the establishment of a Breast Cancer Program within the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MOPHP) , as currently, there is no single full time staff within MOPHP that is working to plan, coordinate, and monitor the early detection and management of breast cancer in Yemen