Responsive Emergency Education Services in Sada

Responsive Emergency Education Services in Sada YHF
Targeted Areas: Sa’ada Governorate (Sahar, As Safra, Majz)
Al Jawf Governorate: Al Maton
Period: 20/10/2018 – 19/7/2019
Beneficiaries: 12000 students (boys & girls)
400 teachers                                                       
Goal: To increase access to education and to improve the safety and quality of education for school-aged girls and boys in the Al Maton district in Al Jawf and the Majz, Sahar, and As Safra districts of  Sa’ada..
1- Providing incentive for 400 unpaid teachers (280 men and 120 women teachers) working in TLC and targeted schools for 8 months.
2- Procure and distribute school bags and material to 12,000 the poorest students (6000 boys and 6000 girls) in targeted schools/TLC.
3- Procure and distribute 400 new desks to targeted schools in the four conflict affected districts
4- Rehabilitate and maintain 400 old desks that need fixing in each targeted school.
5- Procure and distribute 52 recreational kits with ensuring different kits are available and appropriate for both boys and girls in targeted schools/TLS; Number of recreational kits per school will depend on the size of the school and the need of the school.  
6-Establishing 20 temporary learning Classroom (TLC) with education materials for IDPs students
7- Establish 8 semi structured classrooms in the four targeted districts with focus on most in need schools with coordination with local education authorities