Food assistance provides food for Khaled Al-Zaqri

Khaled Al-Zaqri lives with his family of 10, most of whom are children, in the village of Al-Zawaqer in Habour Zhulima district, Amran Governorate. Khaled relies on lumberjacking as main source of income for him and his family, in addition to some daily chores that pay very little to provide basic needs in light of deteriorating economy, scarcity of work opportunities and purchase power. Providing basic food has exhausted Khaled, who is no longer able to provide his children with education, or even providing simple furniture for his small house.

Khaled says: "Most of the time, I can only provide one meal a day. I work hard to buy a bag of flour, but I can hardly have money to buy it." Khaled adds: "the weather in my place is warm most of the year, and we can bear it, but during winter, we lack enough clothing to warm the children; they even cry out of the cold...I want t get my children to school, and provide them with food and clothing."

NFDHR is working in partnership with the World Food Program to distribute food assistance in Habur Zhulima district. Khaled started receiving his share of the monthly in-kind food. Khaled says after receiving the food: "I have received the food assistance for 7 months now. I saved the money I used to buy foodstuffs and I bought mattresses for the house and enrolled my children in school". He added: "I hope the food distribution continues...providng food was a burden that is now relieved".