Continuous Access to Clean Water for 156 IDP Families in Al-Wahda Camp

Health and environmental situation in Al-Wahda IDP camp was really terrible when our colleague in NFDHR Advocacy and Communication Team; Adel Othman; visited Al-Wahda IDP camp for the first time in October 2021. There was neither clean water nor sanitation network connected to the camp. Garbage accumulated throughout the camp, flies, disease vectors, bad smell, and diseases spreading among the displaced and their children.
156 displaced families live in the camp and wait for food aid and trucked water, which are not often adequate for their basic needs.
Yet, there was a different impression recorded by our colleague during the second visit to the camp in late February 2021.
Adel says, "When we toured the camp, we saw new and clean bathrooms recently installed. Dozens of displaced people were actively collecting garbage; women and children collecting water from the newly installed water supply point."
NFDHR, with support of Yemen Humanitarian Fund #YHF_YEMEN, rehabilitated the water project, installed a solar-powered pumping system, connected the water network to the camp, implemented activities to promote environmental sanitation and hygiene, and installed 37 bathrooms; linking them to covered cesspits.
The Head of the Camp Mohammed Saleh Al-Humaili was excited comparing the situation of Al-Wahda Camp before and after NFDHR's intervention.
"The environmental situation in the camp was catastrophic," says Mohammed, "trash and garbage were everywhere."
He added, "Now, praise be to God, sanitation is better and the needs in the camp have been covered. NFDHR has carried out two cleaning campaigns, and large quantities of garbage have been removed to the landfill."
At one of the water supply points, we found an old woman in her sixties named 'Hamamah Farea'. We sat and chatted with her about the conditions of the displaced in the camp. When we asked her about the water situation, she said, “We used to buy trucked water for 10 thousand riyals, or (we fill water) from the Sabil; now, thanks to Allah, things are better, we have plenty of water and we benefit from the built bathrooms.”
A different picture of Al-Wahda camp is drawn by #NFDHR in the eyes of both IDPs living inside the camp and visitors to the camp. Water is constantly pumped into the camp and the displaced receive enough clean water; no more piles of garbage and no more bad smell.