Hawa, meaning "Eve" in English, is a real success story of the journey to recovery from malnutrition

"Hawa", the little girl, is a story born from the womb of reality and truth. The fierce battles in the city of Haradh (since the beginning of war in Yemen more than six years ago) forced her father, Ali Ali Hussein, and his family to flee the city, and begin a hard journey of displacement to finally settle in Ghareb Ataba village, sub-district of west Al-Khamisin, Khairan Al-Muharraq district, Hajja governorate.

The little girl remained trapped inside her father's thoughts as a result of poverty, hunger, mobility disability, bitterness of displacement and circumstances surrounding her father from all sides, in addition to the repeated diseases and pneumonia that Hawa suffers from. Thus, she was weak, drained, and suffering more and more physical weakness that it shows on her body.
Medical Clinic
She was 6 months and a half when her father brought her to Medical Clinic (2), west of Al-Khamisin. She was weak, tired, and lost appetite. The nutrition  worker, Fuad Al-Muayad, received her immediately at the clinic. After the anthropometric measurements, it was revealed that she suffers from severe and acute malnutrition.
In light of this diagnosis, Hawa was taken to the clinic doctor, who in turn prescribed her medications and antibiotics, in addition to the threptic nutrients that will help her overcome the symptoms of recurrent pneumonia and re-gain the necessary weight.
After the first visit to the clinic, Hawa’s father said that he wishes that his daughter would regain her weight and become like the rest of the children of her age; yet he was in such a displaced and physically disabled situation that he could not leave the rest of his children at home alone for a long time. He hoped to find a solution to this problem in order to save his daughter's life.
Dr. Abdulhadi Abu Jaber (NFDHR coordinator) suggested that the nutrition worker visits Hawa's home on a weekly basis as part of the integrated outreach activity to provide her with the necessary therapeutic nutrition and to follow up on her condition.
Trip ends
In August 2021, Hawa’a exited the Community Management of Acute Malnutrition Program with the intervention from National Foundation for Development and Emergency Response (NFDHR) and under direct supervision and coordination with the Health Office in Hajjah. Hawa's weight was only 4.2 kilograms when she underwent treatment in the medical clinic, she was treated until she got the ideal weight .
Hawa could have died from malnutrition; her father would not even know about it. Yet all this changed with her visit to the clinic. NFDHR has treated 705 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition during the project period.
Continuous support of  Outpatient Therapeutic  Program (OTP) is critical in responding to malnutrition crisis currently facing children in Yemen.
Hawa was treated through Emergency Response Project in Health and Nutrition for IDPs and most affected host communities in Hajjah and Hodeidah.
Donor : Yemen Humanitarian Fund