Capacity Building: a practical option to help IDPs

Young Tawfiq Abdullah Al-Dhareeb, with his family, fled war and bombing, and settled in Dammaj area, Saada governorate, with no home, no work. Living with a relative was the only choice left. 


Over the past years, he has struggled a lot to provide a living for his family, due to lack of job opportunities in the region. But he never lost hope in improving his family's livelihood, and he kept knocking all doors in search of work to earn money. 


Luckily, Tawfiq was nominated to join the Capacity Building Program in Livelihood Skills for IDPs implemented by NFDHR with the support of YHF. 


The young man chose to specialize in blacksmithing and welding. Over a period of 30 days, he received lectures on all details of this field, participated in practice exercises, and was keen benefit from everything that was presented during the training period, and never hesitated to ask his trainer for clarifications. 

Tawfiq graduated from the training program and became proficient in blacksmithing and welding. He also recieved work supplies and tools. He immediately started looking for work in the area where he is displaced to. 


Tawfiq says, "Thanks to Allah that I got training. Today became a welder and at this moment I'm welding my neighbor's door. I can repaire doors and windows, and do simple related works in Al-Hudhn camp and in Dammaj area." 


Interventions to improve livelihoods and build capacities and skills of IDPs in a situation like the one we are living in Yemen is the best solution and practical option to help IDPs become social actors able to work, earn money and provide for their families.