Cash assistance relieves the burden of providing basic food for Fadhl Abdullah

Fadhl Abdullah, 45, lives with his six children and his wife in a small tent after being displaced to Marib Governorate. Displacement imposed a difficult reality on Fadhl's family. Lack of job opportunities and high cost of living affected his capacity to provide basic needs for the family. He says: "I used to be a farmer and could afford life expenses...but then I was displaced due to the war..." Fadhl borrowed money in addition to selling his wife's gold to buy a tent for the family, and to buy some home items and flour, which unfortunately ran out very fast!

Providing food was a nightmare chasing Fadhl, who had difficulty finding a job or a long-lasting source of income to provide for his family's needs, especially with rising prices. Fadhl sometimes had to ask for some food from his neighbors because he was unable to provide it. "I wish I could have more flour, sugar and tools for the house..."

Fadhl was registered on the list of beneficiaries of NFDHR interventions in Food Assistance activities through cash transfers funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund YHF. As soon as he received his share of the monthly cash assistance, he went to the market and bought flour, sugar and rice. Fadhl hopes that this aid will continue because it relieves a lot of hardship.