Cash assistance preserve the remaining belongings of the displaced

Leaving all his belongings behind, Ali Al-Mohammadi fled with some of his family members from Sa'ada Governorate to escape armed confrontations to Al-Abr District in Hadramout Governorate. Ali could get no job, so he kept raising some of the livestock he had fled his village with. Ali currently lives in a small tent near one of the water collecting tanks, which is about 25 km away from the center of the district. The people in this area depend on raising livestock, which is their only source of income.

A large number of displaced people in the area added pressure on services and sources of income. Many of them, including Ali, suffer from the difficulty of providing basic food due to the conditions of war and displacement and the difficulty of getting a paying job to meet these needs. He mainly depends on what the livestock he still has to provide food, but this source does not provide him with varied and sufficient food. Ali is forced to sell some of his livestock to cover the needs of his family, thus he may lose all the remaining livestock.
Al-Abr district in Hadhramaut was one of the areas targeted by the Emergency Response Project to food and education gaps implemented by NFDHR, funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund YHF. Ali was registered among the lists of beneficiaries of food aid through cash transfers, to receive from then on a monthly amount to help him provide basic food for his family. He says: "My family no have a variety of food. The money we got helped us not to sell female livestock and benefit from them in the future." This cash aid helps the beneficiaries to provide for their basic needs and improve food security for them and their families.