Dream coming true: from straw classrooms, to well-equipped classrooms

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world..Education is the solution, education comes first...

This is a principle that Headmaster, Mr. Muhammad Hashem Sardehi, director of Arwa School for Girls, adhers to in order to achieve his dream of providing educational environment for girls in his home residence in the village of Al-Hawashem, Beit Al-Faqih District, Al-Hodeida Governorate. 

The school girls used to receive their education every morning inside classrooms built of straw and tree branches, through donation campaigns he was carryng out to build these straw classrooms and add secondary stage classrooms.

Girls Education in the village

Mr. Hashem says, "teaching girls began in a house granted to us by the owner for this purpose. The educational process continued there for 10 years, then we get some endowed land to build the school, which was officially registered in the name of the school. All the schools surrounding the village are basic schools, while Arwa School includes primary and secondary. I was determined in making the village girls escape ignorance and illiteracy, despite the resistance of most parents to educate their daughters. I tried my best convincing parents, sitting with them, identifying the obstacles and trying to overcome them.

Sector of Education  in Yemen is witnessing a significant deterioration. In Yemen, more than two million children are currently out of school, and the vast majority of these children are girls. Basic education is still not available for many girls, especially those who live in remote rural areas. 

Dream coming true

Arwa School for Girls is one of the schools targeted by (NFDHR) within the Emergency Response Project for Equal Access to Education funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).

The interventions, including distributing school bags with their supplies and school seats, have a great impact on the educational process in the school. Drop-out students returned to school. Mohammed Hashem indicated that now the girls suffer no more from sitting on the ground under the sun which used to make them feel tired and exhausted quickly and which affected their clothes..

According to Al-Sardehi, “After the generous intervention and the construction of bathrooms, the situation of female students and teachers became better in terms of health and education. The bathroom used to be andom room with no drainage.

He stressed that the new classrooms have a great impact on us as a school administration in improving the quality of teaching and discipline in the classroom. Now it has three fully furnished classrooms, school seats and boards.

The journey of Arwa School and the daily stories of the students have no end, but they will welcome their new school year with a new spirit and well-equipped classrooms worthy of them.