Again, Bani Wahb Hospital receives patients after years of closure!

For many years, Al Wahbi Rural Hospital was closed to patients due to its lack of basic requirements to operate, including medical devices, equipment, medicines and operation expenses.
Bani Wahb Hospital in Al-Sawadiya District, Al-Bayda Governorate, was established in 1991, but it was closed in 2007. Patients from Al-Whabia and its surroundings used to travel long distances to reach Al-Bayda City and Radaa to access medical service.
At the end of 2021, the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) intervened in Al-Sawadiya District to rehabilitate and operate 6 health facilities, including Bani Wahb Hospital, and support them with medical devices, equipment, medicines, and expenses to operate; in addition to paying monthly incentives to health workers with the support of Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).
Reoperation of Bani Wahb Hospital was a great challenge after all those years of closure, but NFDHR was keen to employ health workers and provide the necessary needs of supplies, and 82 kinds of medicines in coordination with the Office of Public Health in Al-Bayda Governorate. November 2021 witnessed the reoperating the hospital and beginning of providing health care services in one section of the hospital building. The number of patients benefiting from these services issubsequently increasing every month. Later, NFDHR team prepared a technical study to rehabilitate the hospital to be ready to provide secondary medical services, perform surgical operations, and operate the remaining specialized departments.
Rehabilitation included emergency departments, inpatients, birth unit, laboratory, and equipping the operating and recovery rooms with the latest advanced medical devices, including anesthesia machine, artificial ventilation, resuscitation, sterilization, diagnostics and other furniture, devices and medical supplies needed by the laboratory, emergency departments and inpatients. Health workers were trained  on the use of these medical devices and equipment.
Since August 2022, the hospital started to work around the clock to  provide secondary health care services, accompanied by the presence of specialized doctors and nurses
The Director of the Public Health Office in Al-Sawadiya District, Dr. Muhammad Al-Wahbi, says: "The hospital was closed until the intervention of NFDHR, which rehabilitated, operated, and supported the hospital with equipment and expenses. The hospital is currently working 24/7 and receives more than 100 cases per day."
Bani Wahb Rural Hospital currently serves the residents of Al-Sawadiya District and 4 other neighborhoods adjacent to it in the general emergency departments, Pediatric Clinic, birthing room, gynecology clinic and laboratories, to provide all services to citizens free of charge.
Doctors, technicians and nurses in the hospital reached 42, and cases continue to come to the hospital to benefit from the service and the free medicines.